Many families have trusted us the conservation of the Steam cells fo their children


A First Class Financial SecurityThe Third party liability company that insures our work is supported by its track record and its international experience which gives the parents a greater peace of mind.




4,000 samples for transplantation. Samples come from different Stem Cells sources (bone marrow, peripheral blood and 10 from cord blood). They are processed in a Clean Room for cell separation and kept in tanks of liquid nitrogen at (-196 ° C) until they are needed for treatment. They are all processed and stored in accordance with the standardized protocols and under strict quality standards. [View document]



For over 15 years. Our partner storage facility has more than decade of experience providing service since 2002, being present in over 13 countries.


Maximum Quality Standards Accreditation. Joint Accreditation Committee ISCT y EBMT (JACIE). Our Bank is accredited by JACIE in relation to their cell processing. This scientific organisation founded in 1998, is the only one that assess and accredits in the field of stem cell obtained from peripheral blood (HSC) and Bone Marrow transplantation. This accreditation was obtained in November 2011. As of May 2012 there were only 119 centres JACIE accredited in 19 countries, being our bank one of them and the only private tissue bank accredited.

Human Tissue storage license . Human Tissue Authority is the regulatory body that supports public confidence by ensuring that all storage facilities are in compliance with the appropriate standards and procedures. 

International Standard Organization (ISO). ISO 9001 Standard is issued by the International Organisation for Standardisation, which governs the standards for business and government in 162 countries. ISO 9001:2008 Certificate no: GB04/62552. Our goal is to always maintain the very best quality management processes being this critical part of our work. And it ensures that quality management processes meet regulatory standards and also encourages continual improvement of these processes, something our bank takes very seriously. ISO 13485 Standard – as well everything we just detailed, this Standard also ensures a comprehensive management system for the design and manufacture of medical devices. Certificate no: GB07/72849 – having the possibility of CE-marking our transport devices.

We offer this service with the maximum rigor and guarantees

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