After 10 years of success at the Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Congress, the World Cord Blood Congress was started from a need to build deposits, reduce costs, increase utilisation and improve quality. Born out of demand from our previous attendees, speakers and feedback over the years the World Cord Blood Congress aims to bring together public and private banks, clinicians, researchers, and solution providers to tackle the challenges and opportunities facing this field of regenerative medicine.

Today cord blood is more relevant to the regenerative medicine community than ever. There is a huge amount of research currently happening in this area to utilise cord blood as well as other cells and tissues in increasingly wider areas of medicine. New business models have recently been bought into practice as the cord blood sector has developed and moved away from traditional models to increase collaboration and benefit the wider population. Leaps in innovation also mean more cost effective extraction, collection, bioprocessing, and storage.

The cord blood banking industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, with cord blood banks increasing by 21 fold in less than 10 years, but recent challenges have meant that there are still issues that need to be addressed. High costs of units due to expensive storage and extraction, a lack of available units, and a plateau in the use of cord blood for transplant mean that a meeting between key players in this area is greatly needed.

The World Cord Blood Congress proudly welcomes an audience of 150 professionals from the cord blood community across research, development, clinical and commercial areas. The networking and exhibition area will be shared with the World Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Congress the event will bring together 600 members of the regenerative medicine community. Delegates will be able to hear and learn from over 30 speakers across the 2 days. This year’s meeting will deliver exceptional knowledge, showcase new techniques and technologies, create valuable business opportunities and provide a platform to advance the cord blood sector.