When a family wishes to preserve their baby’s cells, it must know that Bio-Cord offers a service of the highest quality and attention, backed by a great team of professionals and a solid and solvent company.





We are a solid and international benchmark in the health sector that has the most advanced equipment and own facilities (laboratories and stem cell bank) where up to 15,000 clinical tests are performed per day.

We ensure the whole process. Our Civil Liability insurance covers the entire process: collection / logistics / processing / preservation.
Medical advice and financial help in case of transplant.

PME Award (for 8 years) that recognizes companies with lower financial risk, good practices and the best economic-financial structure.





More than 55,000 cord units preserved. Processed and stored following protocols and strict quality standards for which our bank has been accredited.



Almost 15 years of experience. Our stem cell banking offers this service to thousands of families since 2004.



First private stem cells bank in Europe certified by Fact NETCord. The Bio-Cord bank in the Iberian Peninsula (certificate from our bank:  Bebevida) for those families that choose this conservation option, is accredited by the FACT Netcord Foundation for Accreditation in Cell Therapy. This is the highest gold standard of quality, performance and specific integrity of the stem cell banks and awarded by the leading experts in the sector. Our bank complies with Fact NetCord international standards for the collection, processing, analysis, storage and release in case of transplantation, umbilical cord blood.

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) This strict regulation is the only one that certifies as medicine each unit of blood obtained and processed following its protocols.


Accreditation American Association of Blood Banks (AABB). The partner bank of Bio-Cord in the United Kingdom (Biovault) for those families that choose this conservation option, is accredited by the American association of blood banks AABB. This association represents the people and institutions involved in the field of medicine and cell therapies. Its purpose is to improve the quality and safety of the collection, processing, storage and distribution of cellular and blood products, including umbilical cord blood.

International Standard Organization (ISO). Our goal is always to maintain the best processes of quality management being a fundamental part of our work. The ISO 9001: 2008 standard guarantees that quality management processes comply with regulatory standards, it also promotes the continuous improvement of these processes, something that our Bank follows with the utmost rigor as a line of work.




We work for our clients 24 hours a day. We know that babies do not have an exact birth date or time, so our team and bank works every day of the week (24x7) including weekends and holidays.



AXP® Separation Processing. Unlike other companies, our bank processes the samples by automatic separation (AXP®) thanks to this we achieve safer and more accurate processes than manual ones. Bio-Cord is the only company that guarantees by contract that their samples are processed automatically. (Learn more about the AXP® process)




Leaders in processing and conservation. After the birth and extraction of the baby's cells, the sample is sent in a personalized and individualized way to our bank, in our temperature controlled kit, to analyze it, process it and keep it. This avoids unnecessary risks and shortens the times to ensure the maximum feasibility and quality of the samples.



We invest in research and in the development of new technologies. We care about advancing and offering the best for this reason we have the best and most complete services to preserve umbilical cord stem cells

We offer this service with the maximum rigor and guarantees. In Bio-Cord your baby's cells will be in the best hands.