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Preserved umbilical cord units

We select the best professionals in each area to offer the service of stem cells storage with the maximum warranties.

Bio-Cord aims to become the leader in the supply of conservation of cord stem cells. Our aspiration to global development reflects the goal of providing a new concept of technological innovation in the field of stem cells, all under a strict medical approach. One of the most remarkable aspects of Bio-Cord is that it is backed by the experience of one of the most important laboratories in Spain specialized in Special Techniques: Cerba International (founded in 1945). The team consists of professionals with extensive experience and training in all areas within this activity. Some of them were the pioneers and founders of this service in Spain.


“The cord blood is a limited and necessary resource. Our recommendation is that you either donate it to a public cord blood bank, mainly for allogeneic use, or that you retain them in a private storage bank for possible future autologous or intra-family use. Both are good options, and if you opt for the second one, our determination is to offer this important service for the families in an efficient and professional manner, relying on rigorous and demanding criteria”.