What are stem cells?

Blood Cord Stem Cells are a rich source of human body Stem Cells with most favourable characteristics as they are very versatile and powerful.  Furthermore, it is easy to obtain a substantial amount of them.

The youth of these cells that are stored at birth make them attractive because their “useful” life once transplanted is greater than the adult cells which have already differentiated in our body. Stem cells can differentiate into different tissue cells.

It is unquestionable that the Cord stems cells are today a reality as they have become a real alternative to bone marrow transplant.

Today, more than 30,000 cord blood stem cells transplants are done in the world to combat over 80 diseases (some types of cancer, anemias and immune system disorders).

Moreover, in recent years, they are finding a large number of clinical trial evidence for the use of Stem Cells in Regenerative Medicine (diabetes, heart attack, cerebral palsy, tissue regeneration….) obtaining in some cases very good results.

Can they be used for another family member?

Your baby´s Cord Blood Stem Cells are a perfect match for your baby, should he or she ever need a transplant, as there will not be a rejection. For Sibling the probability of having a 100% compatibility is of 1 out of 4.

Also, as they are yours and they are Cryopreserved you can use them immediately. Should any other family member require them for treatment they will look for a match donor within the family and the compatibility will be further investigated.

Has Bio-Cord`s Bank the experience for these treatments?

The Bank of Bio-Cord develops this activity since 2004 and works every day of the week processing and preserving stem cells.

It is the first private bank certified by Fact NETCord, (certificate from our bank:  Bebevida) the highest gold standard of quality, performance and specific integrity of the stem cell banks and granted by the leading experts in the sector. Our bank complies with Fact NetCord international standards for the collection, processing, analysis, storage and release in case of transplantation, umbilical cord blood.

Can the process be harmful to the baby or the mother?

It is completely painless and safe for both of them and it only takes approximately 3 minutes..

What is the process involved and how is the  blood done?

After delivery, health professionals will cut the umbilical cord which they will previously disinfect and they will give the needed care to the baby. At that time, before removing the placenta from the mother´s uterus, they will perform the collection of the cord blood. This will be placed in a bag that comes in the kit with an anticoagulant substance and should be closed perfectly and will be sent on a special transportation device to the Bank in Portugal.

Blood and tissue is transported quickly and safely within 24/48 hours to the storage facility (the bank) where it is analyzed and processed separately in a Clean Room. It is subsequently frozen in nitrogen tanks and will remain there until they are required with a unique identification code for each patient.

How do we know that cells have been well preserved?

Once the cells are processed and stored, parents receive the baby´s storage certificate from the Bank with an identification number of where Stem Cells have been stored.

This code is very important in case you need to make use of the cells and it is recommended that you keep it in a safe place.

Which to choose? Public or private bank?

Both options are correct, the wrong option would be to discard the umbilical cord without trying to save the cells.

If you choose to donate it to a public bank, parents should know that the  baby Cells will be owned solely by the bank.

If you choose the private bank option, the sample will be yours and its availability, in case it is required, will be immediate. The blood will be used only for the child or its family. Parents or legal guardians should always give their written consent in order to be able release their baby´s stem cells (before the child’s reaches its legal age majority) as subsequently he or she will be the sole owner. Therefore nobody will have access to your child’s Stem Cells.

Do I need more than one collection kit if I am having a multiple birth?

Yes, if you have twins you will need 2 collection kits but we will offer you a discount on the final price of your second baby storage.

What is the future of research in this field?

Future families are given the unique opportunity of saving this wonderful material for prevention and possible use in the future for combating different blood diseases, as well as for its application in regenerative medicine.

Reports and results on Stem Cells applications are continuously published. They are also being investigated in other fields, such as Type 1 Diabetes, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s or strokes, among others. It also has a potential use for the regeneration of other types of tissue such as heart, pancreas and neuronal tissue.