The Biocord service guarantees the storage of the sample during the years contracted, so that you can be sure that your investment is in good hands.


At the time of the contracting of the conservation service with Bio-Cord, all money received from the family for storage for the years to come is deposited in a deposit guarantee company. We guarantee that the money destined for the long-term storage of the cells, can only be used for that purpose and can not be used under any circumstances to finance our activity or any other purpose.

This ensures the complete period of conservation of your sample. From that entity no payments can be made and administration costs are kept to a minimum. This money is generating an income that is destined to cover the specific operating costs of the company and for the future storage costs. Accumulated funds can only be used for the sole purpose of storing umbilical cord blood units

We offer the service of conservation of stem cells with the maximum rigor and guarantees